JJK Ventures Inc. provides time-sensitive courier service for all your pickup and delivery needs. Whether it’s an urgent parts delivery, or document, we have the resources and experience to deliver your documents and products on time!

Sales Management

Improving the performance and efficiency of your sales team is the most significant opportunity to capitalize on competitive market advantages. Our team will develop a sales strategy and implement processes to drive sales revenue, productivity, and overall performance for your business.

Strategic Marketing

JJK Ventures Inc. believes in offering clients a balance of traditional and digital marketing services. We offer all facets of both traditional and digital marketing and work with each client to determine the best overall marketing strategy for their business. We recognize the world has transitioned into a digital environment, yet know traditional marketing still has a place. We serve to guide you in the right direction.

Creative Branding

First impressions mean everything, especially when it comes to your business. Our team of talented designers is on hand 24/7 to assist you with your artistic marketing needs. Grab the attention of potential clients with eye-catching, unique designs for all of your marketing materials and overall branding. At JJK Ventures Inc., we create custom brochures, flyers, signs, restaurant menus, corporate logos, car wraps, company handouts, gift cards, and much more.

Public Relations

Public Relations services leverage increased brand visibility in appropriate local, national and global publications, as well as a comprehensive approach to digital PR. The goal is to position your company’s services, products and personnel so they stand out from the crowd with editorial and strategically placed content, as well as provide accurate branding and information to all media.

Product Design & Development

The value JJK Ventures Inc. brings to our customer extends beyond mechanical product design. JJK Ventures Inc. can provide complete design solutions by leveraging an extensive network of partners who specialize in prototyping and manufacturing. JJK Ventures Inc. works with it clients to develop new products with creative design strategies, expert mechanical engineering techniques, and patented new technologies. Our focus is being the product development company that can provide clients with complete business design solutions.

Transportation Consolidation

JJK Ventures Inc. is capable of providing you with the services you need to fulfill any exhibit challenge you may have. Whether it’s international, overnight, or booth installation and dismantling, JJK Ventures Inc. has the right answer at the right price for your need.

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